The 3 Controls of Footwork


The 3 Controls of Footwork

  • by wpadmin
  • November 7, 2016

The 3 Controls of Footwork

Tennis is a game of taking control, maintaining control and regaining control – be it control of your body, racket, emotions or tactics.

This blog is about taking control of your balance, movement and footwork.

A great tennis athlete is one who rallies, attacks and defends with equal ability.

You take control with attacking and counter attacking footwork by stepping in and hitting off the front foot or using body weight transfer or hip rotation to generate power on short or floating balls.

You maintain control with rallying or building footwork where you maintain your position on the baseline or cut the angle to the ball with your feet on moderately paced deep or angled balls.

You regain control of the point with defensive footwork where you must run or use crossing steps out to the fast wide ball or are forced back off the baseline on the heavily spinning or high deep balls.

If you are taking, maintaining or regaining control then everything is great… is only when you are ‘out of control’ with poor balance, late reaction or poor footwork, contact move and hitting stance selection where you will struggle athletically on the court.

This is the important thing about working specifically on the footwork and getting faster and fitter .  The focus must be on the tennis athlete not the tennis player.