What is The Bailey Method?


The Bailey Method is a research based, data driven,

tennis footwork & movement training program

unlike any other available in the world today.

The Bailey Method identifies and provides solutions to more than 50 of most common problems associated with movement, footwork and balance when playing tennis.

The Bailey Method incorporates the specific teaching of various multi-directional footwork, movement, balance and shot selection skills – taught whilst hitting balls to targets on the court that progressively get more challenging.

The training program is clearly structured, and is personalize to the strengths of the individual Player. 

The program incorporates a clear and simple assessment system, so that Players can quickly discover what Steps, Stances, Contact Moves and Patterns of Play work best for them.

Once this is discovered, the program is tailored to the Player’s strengths – rapidly improving their on court movement and their match play performance. 

The end result is that Player’s have a set of adaptive Tactical Movement Plans, that are implemented with great success under tournament conditions.

The Bailey Method is designed around the concept of the “5 R’s” and “Completing the Circle” every time you hit the ball.  A player is taught how to get Ready, Read, React, Respond, and Recover on every ball. The training program then choreographs the “5 R’s” to suit the players’ age, ability, playing style and athleticism with great results.

There are 3 progressive stages in the training program, with 7 levels of proficiency, from initial introduction through to innate and fluid delivery of personalized “tournament adaptive” play books.

Tap the link to read more about the training journey – The Training Journey

Players can learn the Bailey Method in the following ways:

  • Book in for a 4 day Private Clinic in Parkland, Florida – FIND OUT MORE
  • Book private lessons with Dave Bailey in Parkland, Florida – FIND OUT MORE
  • Learn at home with The Bailey Method Pro Pack or Tennis Blast Pack – BROWSE THE SHOP

“What David has developed is nothing less than a complete conceptual framework for the baffling array of movement patterns in the pro game. 

David’s concept of the Contact Move encompasses all the elements of movement to the hit, during the hit, and after. 

Top coaches around the world, like Nick Bollettieri among others, have been inspired by David’s work and are already using it on court on a daily basis.”

John Yandell, Editor of tennisplayer.net, USA