Balance in Tennis – tips, quotes and teaching points


Balance in Tennis – tips, quotes and teaching points

  • by wpadmin
  • March 16, 2017

            Balance is a more encompassing term than footwork training as it involves the whole body just not the feet

            A fundamental for balance in tennis is get the outside foot behind the ball and both feet facing the side fence

            Another fundamental is always keep your base when moving to the ball  and setting up the hitting stance- feet wide apart

            You need to feel balance and sense timing

            Beautiful is simple, simple is beautiful

            It begins with a wide stance so balance is maintained through the swing

            To maintain balance while constantly shifting the weight is an art few ever acquire

            The easy way is usually the right way

            Weight distribution, proper finish and balance all hinge upon proper preparation

            Freeze your finish – be fully conscious of your follow through and balance. Poise like a photo and you will hold your weight down and stay on balance. It also makes you put more feeling attention on your point of contact.

            We all focus on our own balance but what about the balance of the opponent! The second you see the opponent off balance, react and explode in and take the ball out of the air. Your aim should be attack and take advantage of your athletic ability. Look at Venus Williams….she is a great example.

            Upper body sits atop of the pelvis and legs like a jockey sitting on a horse. The jockeys job is to stay balanced, the power comes from the horse (lower body)

            Achieve balance by proper positioning of the chest and minimizing side to side and up and down movement

            The way you carry your arms also helps balance. The movement of the forearms doesn’t as much as the movement of the elbows.

            True effectiveness requires balance

            The better your balance the more power you have

            The better the footwork the better the balance

            When someone is balanced it is poetry written with the human body

            Sinking into the legs and great body alignment is crucial to balance

            With balance, be sure to keep the feet under you

            Dynamic balance is Ying/Yang. Be soft but not yielding/ be firm but not hard.

            True effectiveness requires balance; with balance we become effortlessly effective.

            Balance is daily decrease rather than daily increase – making it simple is difficult.

            Great balance comes from constantly adjusting. These adjustments might be small but they involve adjustment of the head, feet, hands, racket, hips, shoulders feet and stance.

Balance is beautiful! 





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