Being ‘Up Tight’ is horrible for tennis!


Being ‘Up Tight’ is horrible for tennis!

  • by wpadmin
  • May 18, 2018

My definition of Up Tight is being angry with yourself and this not only effects your movement but also your strategy, racket head speed and concentration levels. It is just that…. Being Up and Being Tight.

You need to be ‘Down and Relaxed’.

If you are UP…. then you jump and use no lower body to generate power. You also tend to miss hit shots because the head is moving, thus timing is affected. When you are Tight…… you also loose racket head speed and end up pushing the ball…… Let alone the fact that to play well you need to put 90% of your attention on what you opponent is doing down his/her end…. not 100% focus on YOU. This is what happens when you get angry. You virtually loss the plot….and ……. another name for plot is game plan.

Thus…. loosing you temper WILL really hurt you game …especially if you are angry with yourself (a massive problem in junior tennis). Roger Federer as a teenager used to break rackets in frustration until one day HE and I say that again HE realized that whenever he got angry he played worse and would go on to lose matches that he should have won!!!!!…. Guess what? Roger stopped getting angry and the rest is history!!

Lose a match because your opponent is too good not because you beat yourself!!!


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