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Clinics at Your Club

  • Customised Group Footwork & Movement Clinics

Bailey Method Clinics at your Club

If you want to bring something new to your Club, then have Dave Bailey come and present a Bailey Method Footwork and Movement Clinic.

Clinics are tailored to suit any age group or any level of player. Information can be tailored to suit Singles or Doubles players


In these cutting edge Footwork and Movement Clinics , Dave will target the Fundamental (“Golden”) Contact Moves, incorporating examples of Attacking, Rallying and Defensive Footwork.

Dave Bailey will introduce his revolutionary program, and demonstrate to members how to use it in their game to rapidly improve their performance. 

Each program includes a video presentation, warm up to music and then progressive teaching of the various steps and movements, including:

  • Split Step and Unit Turn
  • Out Steps
  • Recovery Steps
  • Hitting Stances
  • Contact Moves
  • Balance Moves


The Contact Moves are taught through shadow tennis, drop or thrown fed balls and fed ball with cue words.

The number of Contact Moves taught will depend on the time frame allowed for and the standard of players in the group.

The number of people participating in the Clinics will depend on the facilities available at the Club and the needs of the participants.

Day Programs

We can customize our programs to suit any group. The following are our most popular Clinic Programs. 

1) One Day Intensive Movement Clinic (for Players and/ or Coaches)


Players learn to Shadow and Drop Feed the 12 Fundamental Contact Moves:

  • Attacking Footwork
  • Rallying Footwork
  • Defensive Footwork


9.30am – 10.15am – Video Presentation

10.15am – 12.15pm – Attacking Footwork

12.15pm – 1.00pm – Lunch Break

1.00pm – 2.30pm – Rallying Footwork

2.30pm – 3.30pm – Defensive Footwork

3.30pm – 4.30pm – Putting it all together + Q&A

9.30am – 4.30pm (inc.45 min lunch break)


Up to 12 participants – conducted over 2 courts (numbers can be increased with the support of a Club Coach)


Fee for the full day – $1000.


2) Introductory Short Group Sessions: 

On-Court with David Bailey – Introduction to Great Footwork and Movement on the Tennis Court!”

3 separate groups over 1 day

Session Times (for example):

Each session is 2 hours on court. 

Group 1: 9.00am – 11.00am

Group 2: 11.30am – 1.30pm

Group 3: 2.30pm – 4.30pm


  • Introduce the 5R’s (Getting Ready, Read, React, Respond and Recover) and the importance of shadow tennis.
  • Getting Ready – getting on the toes, split step progressions and the unit turn.
  • Using reference points (individual ladders) to work on the “out steps” when stepping in and the recovery steps of the side skip and crossover recovery steps.
  • Shadow FH, BH and Run-around FH Step Downs + the most common Approach Shots and simple FH and BH Volley Contact Moves.
  • Putting the 5 Rs together.
  • Introduce live ball drills using the concept of self-drop feeds over the net and playing out points over 2 courts (coaches roam and give feedback). Again, can do 10 players, but 8 is preferred.
  • Clinic summary + Questions and Answers .


Up to 12 participants per group – conducted over 2 courts (numbers can be increased with the support of a Club Coach)


Fee for the day – $1000.


3) Three & Four Day Intensive Movement Clinics


Day 1. Attacking Footwork

Day 2. Rallying Footwork

Day 3. Defensive Footwork

Day 4. Tournament & Individual Video Report

Daily Schedule: 

9.30 – 10.15am – Video Presentation and Shadow Drills (warm up) (45 min)

10.15– 12.15pm – On Court Footwork Drills (2 hrs)

12.15-.1.00pm – Break (45 min)

1.00 – 2.00pm – Supervised Match Play (60 min)

2.00 – 2.30pm – Tennis Fitness & Conditioning


Maximum of 12 participants – conducted over 2 courts (numbers can be increased with the support of a Club Coach)


Fee for 3 days – $2400 / 4 days – $3000

Other Popular Program Options/Add-on’s.

Seated Presentation:

Introduction to the Bailey Method – the Revolutionary System Behind Great Footwork and Movement”


90 minutes


In Clubhouse with AV set up


  • Introduction to The Bailey Method – background and concept – learn the look of pros doing the moves (handout given to participants)
  • Slide show summarizing the 5 R’s of great movement i.e. Getting Ready, Reading, Reacting, Responding and Recovering
  • “Learn the Look” of pro players doing the 12 Golden Moves of tennis i.e. Offensive, Rally and Defensive footwork  (video)
  • Bringing it all together by demonstration of predictable then unpredictable on court hitting drills (video)
  • Questions and Answers


Fee – $500


Private or Semi-Private Training Sessions


30 or 60 minute options


Quick individual assessment and then Player can choose whether to work on introductory footwork and movement, or one of the specific Bailey Method Footwork categories (Attacking / Rallying / Defensive).


$60 30 min / $100 60 min + Court Hire (if not provided by Club)

General Notes:

Clinics are tailored to suit any age group or any level of player, however the On-Court Sessions work best when each group is of a similar age and standard. 

Programs can be adapted to suit the group depending on whether there are more singles or doubles players.

Programs are better received when the Club’s Head Coach is involved in the On-Court Sessions – assisting Dave and supporting the members.

Additional days can be made available for any members who would like further training in private or semi-private sessions.


“The Bailey Method is the most important breakthrough in the modern era since graphite rackets,

this is the greatest breakthrough from a footwork standpoint, that I’ve seen”

Ean Meyer, Professional Coach and owner Ean Meyer Tennis, USA



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