Footwork tips


Footwork tips

  • by wpadmin
  • July 18, 2016


I read these tips in a fast foot ladder instructional manual written by a New Zealand company called SPSS (Speed Power & Stability Systems) and really thought the tips where great!!!

” Rapid footwork and correct foot placement is a critical factor in all sports at all levels. Without foot control there is no body control. Footwork is often the most difficult aspect to master as the feet are a long way from the brain and the signals directing the feet where to go often get lost or mixed up on the way. Developing faster feet is a skill that must be targeted specifically as it is the feet that control your ability to move quickly. All the strength in the world is wasted if your feet are out of control.

Light feet are quick feet.

Emphasis must be placed on working on the ball of the feet and keeping the heels off the ground at all times. This is the optimal position for maximizing speed and quickness.

When working on your footwork …..Train only as fast as your skill level allows. Start slowly; master the movements with good technique before speed. Increase to maximum speeds as soon as you are able and have rhythm.”