Know your triggers!


Know your triggers!

  • by wpadmin
  • February 14, 2020


Every player is different and has to find their triggers to focus properly. I think about my footwork and ask myself “Am I watching the ball closely enough?”

Anna Ivanovic – World Number 1 at the time!

Open Diary, Australian Open Column Jan 19th 2008


Triggers come from your training! Triggers are unique things you think about that help fix problems or keep you in the right frame of mind.


Your triggers come from experimenting, defining and polishing aspects of your game so you can really focus when you play.


Triggers come from KNOWING WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.


Moving well and watching the ball are such important triggers for staying focused. Training these 2 skills religiously is incredibly important.


Especially if you can train both together .i.e. hitting fed balls on the court and only thinking about moving your feet and watching the ball!


Great Tip, Anna! …. and by the way, watch her footwork. Her movement is very clean and smooth !! Like watching a dancer !!