Intensive 4 Day Footwork & Movement Clinics


Check out WTA Pro Players demonstrating the Golden Contact Moves taught in the Level 1 private 4 day clinic!


Bailey Method Intensive Footwork & Movement Clinics

The Bailey Method private 4 day intensive Footwork & Movement Clinics are highly customized, personal programs, working one-on-one with Dave Bailey.

Ultimately, the Bailey Method offers a series of four intensive clinics that become increasingly personalized in the development and polishing of a players strengths, building their tournament Playbooks and honing their ability to fluidly strategize under tournament conditions.


In the Level 1 clinic, players learn  the fundamentals of great movement and the Golden 12 Contact Moves of tennis. Players immediately start discovering and developing their own movement and footwork strengths on the court. 

Lead Up – In the lead up to your private clinic, we will send you the Forehand & Backhand Shadow Tennis video  & manual (click to read more view product ). This video & manual set contains all the essential Shadow Move drills that will be learned over the 4 days. The more familiar you become with the steps, stances, moves and cue words prior to the clinic the more benefit you will gain from the clinic.

Day 1

The fundamentals of great on-court movement & footwork

Attacking Footwork (4 Contact Moves)

Day 2

Rallying Moves (build & counter attack – 4 Contact Moves)

Day 3

Defensive Moves (4 Contact Moves)

Day 4

Bringing it all together and ranking the Contact Moves to find your greatest match-play weapons. 

Individual video assessment and comprehensive written assessment report (click to view a sample assessment report)


Sample Video Assessment – Rally Contact Moves (go to 1:10 to see assessment)


Click to view as sample Assessment Report – sample assessment report


Each day is a 5 hour commitment (inc. lunch break). Plus, if desired, we can arrange match play before or after the Clinic sessions with local players of a similar standard.

Daily timing can be adjusted to suit any other commitments or activities you have planned whilst in Parkland.

Example of Daily Schedule (morning session)

8.00am – 8.300am (30mins): Video Presentation, Warm Up and Shadow Drills

8.30am – 10.30am (120 mins): On–Court Footwork & Movement Teaching Progressions & Drills

10.30am – 11.30am (60min): Rest & Lunch break

11.30am – 12.15pm (45 min): Sharp Shooter

12.15pm – 1.00pm (45 min): On–Court Footwork & Movement Teaching Progressions & Drills




Training takes place at the Miralago Clubhouse, in the beautiful suburb of Parkland, in Broward County, Florida. 

Parkland is just 20 min from Boca Raton, 40 min from Fort Lauderdale Airport and an hour’s drive from Miami Beach. 

There is  accommodation of every standard, plenty of restaurants, supermarkets and shops nearby.





The all-inclusive fee for: 

+ 4 days / 4 hrs per day of private, one-on-one training with Dave Bailey

+ Lead in Tennis Blast Shadow Tennis pack (video and manual)_value $64

+ Post clinic video assessment and comprehensive written report for on-going training_value $150

+ All facility fees

= US$1690

A 10% discount is happily offered for full upfront payment at time of booking.

Dave will accept a second player for the same fee. The only consideration is that both players need to be of a similar standard and the level of ”individual” attention is less when there are two players participating.

“My son had a great summer at both the Clay and Hard Court Tournaments. The coaches really liked his play and

he received multiple college offers – including an offer from his 1st choice (which he has accepted!)

Many thanks to you, Dave, and your outstanding program !” 

Player Parent, Wisconsin, USA