Respond – with a Contact and Balance Move

RESPOND with one of 15 Contact Moves (an athletic move a player makes at contact with the ball) and its’ corresponding Balance Move.

Definition of a Contact Move: A Contact Move is an athletic move a player makes when making contact with the ball.  They belong to the “responding” part of the 5R’s sequence of movement and are a combination of merging one of 6 Movement Skills with a relevant Balance Move, Hitting Stance and appropriate Swing Path to create the most effective and efficient stroke possible.

For easy reference they are divided into either Attacking, Building, Counter Attacking or Defensive Contact Moves.

Definition of a Balance Move:  This is the use of a knee, leg, foot or feet to help with your balance while making contact with the ball! Selection of the balance move will also depend on the intention of the shot, i.e. hitting the ball down the line, middle or cross-court or inside out, inside in or even across at an angle.


Important Note: These 15 Contact Moves are ground strokes only!! and are called “Fundamental Pure” moves.

My research has discovered and named over 107 Contact Moves which come under the headings of pure fundamental, pure modified, pure advanced, blended, improvised, approach, volley, return, smash, serve and signature contact moves all which will be explained in the soon to be released Encyclopedia of Modern Tennis.