• by wpadmin
  • February 14, 2020


How we shift our weight from one leg to the other is fundamental to great movement on the tennis court…I call this mogul moving!

1. RELAX one leg towards the other, we never “brace up” or move towards both at the same time. The tendency should always be for one leg to take more weight than the other.

2. Remember to RELEASE and RELAX the leg that does not carry most of the weight. With on leg free , we can immediately adjust the other foot

3. If our weight is on both legs we have to SHIFT to one or the other before acting

4. We have to prevent “freezing the joints” as this inhibits our ability to sink into our legs and draw on the earth and intrinsic strength. Think of squeezing the body into the ground …this will translate to COMPRESSIVE POWER and will really aid horizontal movement

5. Being relaxed is the key to shifting……keep the jaw, hands and shoulders loose as possible. Only ever try and move at 4/5th of your maximum speed as tension will make you jump up and not get the push power from the ground that you need. Great Shifters flow!!!