• by wpadmin
  • February 14, 2020


As many of you will know, So You Think You Can Dance? is an immensely popular Reality TV series, on air since August 2005 in the USA and now seen in over 41 countries. It has won countless awards, and continues to be enjoyed by millions of viewers around the world. 

The format features a series of auditions in which Dancers, extraordinary in their own dancing styles, are challenged to quickly learn and perform a vast range of new & unfamiliar dance styles. They learn a different choreographed routine each week and then perform it in an elimination format. All in front of a studio audience, 3 expert judges and millions of TV viewers!

What amazes me is how well these Dancers adapt and deliver these incredible routines with such little preparation.  How is is possible?

I believe the answer is that even though they are dancing out of their comfort zone, through years of training they have developed great body awareness, superb co-ordination and control of their feet!

This is what I see as the main aim of footwork training in tennis!

To KNOW WHERE YOUR FEET ARE IN SPACE and being able to master balance and control your center of gravity.

Once you have the CONTROL of your hips, feet, legs and upper body, you THEN have the motor skills to discover which steps, stances and Contact Moves work for you!

You can place your feet exactly where you want them to go. So NOW you can experiment! Trying different steps, stances and moves on the SAME FED BALL, and hence choreographing your own personal playing style, or your own personal dance, that works for you!