Speed ball with your feet


Speed ball with your feet

  • by wpadmin
  • November 6, 2016


Speed ball rhythm with your feet!

When on the baseline and moving left or right to a moderately wide and medium paced short or semi-deep ball a 3-beat or 5-beat rhythm can be used with your feet. I refer to this as a cha cha cha rhythm or a feet feet feet rhythm. Often, I will call out these cue words so the player can get attuned to the cadence needed.

This is similar to a well grooved boxer hitting a speed bag. With a 3 or 5 beat rhythm you get into a groove and this makes execution and timing easier. You, MUST HOWEVER always perform a last big step (penultimate step) to the side to get balance and lock down the weight before the final contact move. Be it a step down, low spin, transfer move, reverse spin, one foot pivot etc….

Remember, the secret to power lies in rhythm, balance and relaxation. However …make sure the steps are not forced or what I call “Hollywood” steps ….because too many steps are for show instead of function. Steps must be smooth and therefore not time or energy wasting.