The mosquito philosophy!


The mosquito philosophy!

  • by wpadmin
  • May 18, 2018


In my mind I keep a philosophy of commitment, desire and dedication. There has to be a bench mark set.

If a client COMMITS to a fitness class designed for full time tennis players – let’s say a beach run and work out every Saturday morning. All the attendees MUST understand it is a group thing that relies on group dynamic and group motivation.

The attendance is not compulsory as straight away this will sort out the keen ones…. but the other factor is what excuses are given for nonattendance? Excuses like “I was too tired”,” I slept in”, and “I was hung over” …don’t sit very well with me.

So, here is how it works……. if they miss once I FORGIVE

……………if they miss twice I ask for an EXPLANATION

……………if they miss three times I REPRIMAND

…………. if they miss four times I LET THEM GO and ask them not to return. They pull the group down with their lack of commitment.

It is like a mosquito buzzing in your ear while you’re lying in bed,

Once you ignore it,

Twice you get irritated,

Thrice you zone in on the bugger

Four times, you throw back the sheets, turn on the light, get out the fly swat and try the kill the #@@%$!


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