The Way of Energy


The Way of Energy

  • by wpadmin
  • February 14, 2020


This blog was sent to me by Rupert ’The Guru’ Green, a good friend and long time Bailey Method Devotee from the UK. Thanks mate!

The quote is from a book called “The Way of Energy”, by Master Lam Kam Cheun. He is a master of various martial arts disciplines as well as being an authority on Chinese medicine and Chinese Opera. In the section “Energy for Sports” he writes:

“If you are playing a racket sport such as tennis, keep your weight low. Relax your entire upper body, so there is no tension whatsoever in any of the vital joints such as your shoulders, neck, elbows, and wrists. Forget your hand; let all action flow effortlessly from below. That is the source of explosive power. Keep your eyes on the target, ignore the rest of the body, and let your feet be the only points in your mind.”

Music to my ears!!!! 


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