Zhang Shaui Attacking Contact Moves


Zhang Shaui Attacking Contact Moves

  • by wpadmin
  • November 9, 2017

Watch Zhang Shaui WTA world number 24 and Australian Open Quarter Finalist hitting tennis balls on court using Attacking  Contact Moves with David Bailey.

Attacking moves like the Loaded Transfer, Step Down, Front Foot Hop and Low Spin are all about taking time away from you opponent by using a neutral stance or hitting with disguise using a semi-open stance. With every move here,  you are attacking the ball with you feet and hips.

I am a big fan of doing these progressions……..Start with lots of shadow tennis, followed by self feed into a fence, then self fed over the net, followed by hand feed (see above), followed by racket feed (predictable), racket feed random, racket ball fed (letting the player, read the feed and select), self feed  – live ball, point play, match play and then using the contact moves trained in tournament matches.



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